Course Dates^

 Swing + Lindy Hop: March 27th to May 8th (Mondays 6pm)

Rockabilly: March 27th to May 8th (Mondays 7pm)

6-Step Rock 'n' Roll: March 29th to May 10th (Wednesdays 6:30pm)

Lifts, Props, + Drops**: March 29th to May 10th (Wednesdays 7:30pm)


Course wrap-up, revision, & social dance May 15th.

$5 per person to help cover hall hire.


Next Courses

 Swing + Lindy Hop: May 22nd to June 26th (Mondays 6pm)

Rockabilly: May 22nd to June 26th (Mondays 7pm)

6-Step Rock 'n' Roll: May 24th to June 28th (Wednesdays 6:30pm)

Lifts, Props, + Drops**: May 24th to June 28th (Wednesdays 7:30pm)


^All lessons are taught strictly by the couple, so if you don't want to keep up with the course - you don't have to! However, lessons are structured with content suitable for beginner to intermediate dancers, so you can pick and practice on the content that suits you best. If you want more, just let us know and we'll have plenty beyond intermediate level for you too ;)


** Lifts, props, and drops requires participation in either the Swing + Lindy Hop or 6-Step Rock'n'Roll course as content will be danced in/out.



Interested in more than one lesson for the night? Ready to commit to your dance journey? Do more, get better value!

1 Lesson = $30 per couple/night          All Lessons (Night) = $50 per couple/week         

6wk Course = $150 per couple               All Lessons (Week) = $75 per couple/week 


Social Nights 

 We will be having a social night, combined with revision for those who are keen, at the end of each course period (the corresponding Wednesday night will be a break night). Please bring food and drink to enjoy!


Other work commitments are likely to prevent us from other social dancing most weeks, so we may explore further mid-week options during the year. Please let us know of you interest :)


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Group Lessons

Monday Nights @ The Woombye Lower  School of Arts Hall 

(1/3 Hill St, Woombye QLD)


6:00 - 7:00pm > Swing + Lindy Hop (Beginners+)

Music: Slow-Mid


Beginner level lessons in Slow Swing and

Lindy Hop, providing the basics of the style that may be developed into slower or faster swing styling as preferred.


Swing is a perfect option for those who have never danced before and want to take things slow and cruisy. Meanwhile, those who want to play the music or get moving faster also have plenty of options to develop their dance. This dance style feels both so elegant and expressive; or when you ramp it up into Lindy Hop - so explosive and sheer fun! 


This lesson may also be used by couples interested in other sower styles such as Jive or 4 Beat Blues, if prepared to learn during group lesson practice times.


7:00 - 8:00pm > Rockabilly (Beginners+)

Music: Mid-Fast


Learn the Rebel's dance! Great music, great style, and great fun! 


Beginner level lessons in Rockabilly, providing the basics of the style that may be developed further in our Intermediate (7pm) class. As a faster style, Rockabilly is the perfect option for those who like pumping music and want to get moving!


Wondering how to pick a style? follow this link: Dance Styles 


Wednesday Nights @ The Woombye Lower  School of Arts Hall 

(1/3 Hill St, Woombye QLD)


6:30 - 7:30pm > 6-Step (Tap or Kick-Step) Rock 'n' Roll (Intermediate)

Music: Slow-Mid-Fast


Lessons in "6-Step" Rock 'n' Roll  and Kick-Ball-Change ("7-Step") Rock 'n' Roll. These lessons feature more demanding content and, whilst teaching from basics, it is recommended for dancers with previous experience in a related style. This lesson also provides the perfect starting point for students interested in introducing Aerials (lifts, drops, and props) to their dancing.



Performance Training

Wednesday Nights @ The Woombye Lower  School of Arts Hall 

(1/3 Hill St, Woombye QLD)

7:30pm - 8:30pm


Whether it's to help support our local festivals and retro-dance events, or if you want to compete locally or across the country, Cool Cats wants to help you Take the Next Step! 


Join us to develop your dance further and also improve your fitness. Training includes stretching & warm-up, plus core exercises for those interested in Aerials (lift-work). 


Note that such training is not a lesson per se - It is not necessarily about new content or skills, but improving upon what you have already learned.  However, as Nathan can't help himself, there is always some teaching and time for questions, critique, and guidance. :)


Private Lessons

For individuals, couples, or small groups (upon arrangement)


For bookings please call Sarah 0402592253


Standard Cost: 1hr $85 or $45 30mins


Youth Lessons

Youth under 16 are free, provided they are accompanied by a parent or guardian (who does not need to participate if there is an other student happy to dance with the U16 participant), those under the age of 16 may join certain lessons FREE. Rules of conduct and style/progession restrictions apply, so please contact us for more details (


Youth/Student Groups: 

If you represent a youth/student organisation, particularly if you are involved with dance or theatre, please contact us about working together to provide introductory courses and/or workshops for your members. Alternatively, if you are a member of such a group, provide proof of your current membership for a FREE introductory course.

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Sarah QLD: 0402592253