Why Dance?


We believe that dancing is a physically and mentally rewarding sport. Dancing provides valuable social skills and integrates various disciplines such as physical movement, musical appreciation and public performance.

Dancing can help build self confidence. 

Mental Health

A picture is worth a thousand words. Dancing is fun! Anecdotally, students often report a much more positive outlook on life after discovering dancing and, with it, friends and an exciting, healthy lifestyle. Clearly, dancing doesn't directly solve any of life's problems (except possibly fitness), but it can provide both respite and support while making changes.


While we place a strong emphasis on the teaching, at Cool Cats we also want everybody to have fun!



Are you sick of the gym? You don't want to run around aimlessly, neither do we! Dancing is fitness and fun let us show you how!

The Cool Cats Approach

Cool Cats aims to help dancers of all makes, shapes, and sizes Take the Next Step in their dance journey. We understand that for some this will be a social pursuit, while for others it may be a matter of personal achievement, or include active participation as a sport. Consequently, our classes are offered in a variety of lesson formats that allow dancers of all levels of experience to learn the dance styles they prefer in accordance with their interests and ability.


Cool Cats wants students to receive the best possible options and opportunities to expand their dance experience. Hence, key principles guide the ongoing development of Cool Cats lessons and overall teaching process:


Lessons should be fun!

What counts as ‘fun’ is different for everybody. By having a mix of different class formats, a broad range of styles, and a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, there is bound to be a class that will push your ‘fun’ button:

  • Learn to dance fast, slow, or somewhere in between…
  • Is your music Contemporary, Blues & Rockabilly, Swing, or Classic Rock ‘n' Roll? …
  • Want something ‘extra’? Triples, Aerials, Demonstration and more…
  • Dance solely with your partner, participate as a group, or chose to do both! 

Whether you’re looking for a casual social activity or serious sports training, Cool Cats combines quality dance instruction with great music, great people, and a great time.


Cool Cats also recognises that dancing quickly becomes no fun when you feel like you can’t keep up or you “just can’t get it”. We believe that each dancer should be encouraged to progress at their own speed and level of confidence; no-one should feel required to achieve a certain standard or to “keep pace” with a peer group. Our classes therefore allow for optional levels of group participation, with personalised instruction ranging from occasional input to regular tailored guidance.

Lessons should be friendly!

Every dancer should feel welcome and enjoy coming to class. All dancers begin as students, and we understand that it is not always easy to learn a new style, a new dance technique, or sometimes even turn up to class. Cool Cats intends that all dancers should feel appreciated for the effort they put in to improve their dancing. Especially when committed to serious dance training, students should find that the constructive feedback provided remains relatable, accessible, and understanding.


In addition to what happens on the dance floor, Cool Cats continues to look for opportunities to socialise, support the broader Rock ‘n’ Roll community, and generally help students participate and get to know each other. We keep our classes relaxed and flexible so that everybody can take some time out to greet friends – or make new ones.

Lessons should be flexible!

While it would nice to be able to put the world on hold and just dance, unfortunately life rarely runs according to plan and it is often difficult for students to make it to dance classes. For some people it is a non-issue – dancing is what you do and you just do it; but for most people the capacity to work to changing schedules or to miss a class or two (without feeling left behind) is a great advantage.


Similarly, each dancer is an individual and the pace/style(s)/content preferred by one student during a lesson may be greatly different to another’s. Cool Cats aims to help every dancer develop their dancing in the direction and to the level that they wish to achieve. To that end, one type of lesson simply cannot meet the needs of all.


Cool Cats offers Sunshine Coast's largest selection of 'retro' dance styles. Combined with a variety of lesson formats and payment structures, we provide the best possible options so that students can find both the right type of dance and lesson balance for them.

Lessons should facilitate improvement!

Cool Cats understands that, for most people, dancing is primarily a social activity. However, we believe that every lesson should help you perform or understand your dancing better. Cool Cats is not content to simply go through the motions – we want every dancer to walk away from a lesson with improved skills, more confidence, and a greater appreciation for the dance. You’ll never be under pressure to do more than you’re comfortable with; but we simply aren’t doing the best we can if we are not trying to help you improve and/or expand your dancing.


Cool Cats provides dance instruction in a logical and structured manner. Students are directed through the foundational elements of a dance style, with a clear progression of skills and methods to provide a consistent framework to facilitate understanding and implementation of dance elements of increasing difficulty/complexity. Cool Cats also provides short courses and training sessions to allow experienced dancers to continue to improve their dancing.