Cool Cats aims to provide high quality structured dance lessons which concentrate on the 3 main parts of your dance. 



The human body will only move in so many ways. Mechanics focuses on the structure of the dance style and how to position the body in the right place at the right time so that dance figures may be performed smoothly and comfortably for both the lead and follow.



Without a good connection with your dance partner, the floor, and your own body it is difficult to achieve the best out of your dancing. Our courses on Pressure focus on how to achieve those connections and then how to use it to improve the execution of your dance.


Timing and Harmony

Achieving good flow with the music and with your dance partner is, unfortunately, something often overlooked. However, understanding the music, how to move with your partner through different figures, and how to "hit the beat" is often what makes your dancing stand out and a joy to experience.  


Dancing provides a number of great opportunities for younger people to engage with each other and the general community.


'Retro' dancing introduces a variety of 30's to 60's musical, dance, and fashion styles and provides a forum for interaction with preceding generations. Association with friends and mentors on a regular basis (in class and at social events) provides social inclusion in conjunction with positive role models and behavior.       


Under 16s: Provided they are accompanied by a parent or guardian (who does not need to participate if there is an other student happy to dance with the U16 participant), those under the age of 16 may join certain lessons FREE. Rules of conduct and style/progession restrictions apply, so please contact us for more details .


Youth/Student Groups: If you represent a youth/student organisation, particularly if you are involved with dance or theatre, please contact us about working together to provide introductory courses and/or workshops for your members. Alternatively, if you are a member of such a group, provide proof of your current membership for a FREE introductory course.




Notice: Due to the time requirements of a growing family (toddlers are fun!) we will not be committing to any performances in 2024/2025. 


While so many community organisations are worthy of support, Cool Cats partnership programs are targeted at anti-depression initiatives and youth promotion. These are the areas in which we believe that dancing, whether as a sport or social activity, can provide the greatest assistance. A variety of options are available, providing immediate and ongoing support for both individuals and organisations.


If you represent a community organisation focused upon providing services for youth or promoting mental health and would like to explore how Cool Cats partnership programs may be tailored to suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We may not always be in a position to meet your specific desires (e.g. availability for workshops or performance at an event), but we are eager to help if we can.


Mental Health Organisations: Workshops and demonstrations for are typically FREE, subject to instructor and venue availability. Discounted rates are available for other not-for-profit groups.