Lessons return October 10th! Monday nights = Swing & Rockabilly; Wednesday nights = 6-Step Rock'n'Roll + Lifts!


Why Dance?


Are you sick of the gym? You don't want to run around aimlessly, neither do we! Dancing is fitness and fun let us show you how!


A picture is worth a thousand words. Dancing is fun! Anecdotally, students often report a much more positive outlook on life after discovering dancing and, with it, friends and an exciting, healthy lifestyle. Clearly, dancing doesn't directly solve any of life's problems (except possibly fitness), but it can provide both respite and support while making changes.


While we place a strong emphasis on the teaching, at Cool Cats we also want everybody to have fun. This includes a relaxed and fun class atmosphere, but also regular social outings to dances and other 'non-dance' events such as BBQs and the movies.


Mental Health

We believe that dancing is a physically and mentally rewarding sport. Dancing provides valuable social skills and integrates various disciplines such as physical movement, musical appreciation and public performance.

Dancing can help build self confidence. 

Why Cool Cats?

Cool Cats is a retro dance studio focused on teaching people of all ages how to dance in a fun, positive, and supportive environment. We pride ourselves on conducting lessons in small groups in a space that helps learning.


Our Goals

Cool Cats Rock ‘n’ Roll is dedicated to helping dancers of all proficiency levels Take the Next Step in their dance journey - and understand that this will be something different for every dancer. Whether it is achieving confidence in the first figures learned, having more fun on the dance floor, or serious examination of dance mechanisms and technique, we want to help people achieve the most out of their dancing!


We aim to keep 'retro' dance styles vibrant. We  push ourselves to provide the very best for every dancer and to give back the most we can into the greater community. We believe in ongoing training, development, and evaluation for teachers and assistants to improve their skills, knowledge, and qualifications. This involves consideration to both dance and non-dance aspects of teaching so that students will continue to receive the best from their instructors.



Recognising the diversity of Retro Dance, Cool Cats aims to provide students with a solid foundation in the major dance styles from which less common variants and specific stylings have derived. In this regard each dance style is taught to remain true to its fundamental form while acknowledging that, with continued dance development and understanding, improved methods and techniques may exist than those originally adopted. Similarly, whether due to injury, prior training, or learning difficulties, our approach can remain flexible to meet the needs of different students while achieving the dance outcomes desired.


Qualified Instructors


Cool Cats instructors are qualified through the ARRDC, so you can rest assured of receiving knowledgeable and experienced teaching. We also encourage our regular class assistants to examine dance theory, acquaint themselves with both the lead and follow roles, and pursue formal qualification through the ARRDC as their knowledge, experience, and inclinations dictate. Furthermore, the training never stops as instructors and class assistants alike continue to learn further dance styles, exchange skills and ideas with other professionals, and examine their own dancing.

Our Moto

' Take The Next Step'

The Team

Nathan Major - Principal

Nathan has been dancing since 1996 and turned professional in 2002. Nathan is a qualified instructor (Licentiate - Australian Rock ‘n’ Roll Dancesport Council) in a variety of styles, including aerials (lift-work). Nathan competed successfully at State and National level competition and now regularly adjudicates at National events. However, he is most proud of the competition efforts and achievements of the students he has helped coach. 


Nathan is committed to the future of Swing, Rockabilly, Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Blues and continues to develop his skills, qualifications, and passion so that he may continue to promote and inspire better dancing, helping more dancers Take the Next Step. He looks forward to many further years of dancing with past, present, and future students of every description.