Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have never danced before, is that ok?

Yes, its totally fine. Our classes are designed to teach you the basics as well as advanced. We love helping people learn! However, please consider the information given on recommended experience and speed of music when making your lesson choice(s).


Do I need to book?

Technically, no - but it's best to call and check that we have not reached our small group limit :) Otherwise, please arrive 5-10 minutes early for registration and warm up.


For further info, txt Sarah on 0402592253. 

Can I bring kids?

Yes. Under 16s also dance free :)






What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes you can easily move in.

What if I don't have dance shoes?! It's ok - wear smooth sole shoes or socks




Do you have social dancing with your lessons?

Not every week, but we do have a social end of course revision night each lesson block.




Why do I need a dance partner?

The lessons are non-rotational and intended for partnered students. However, please ring, as we try to help our students find dance buddies when possible.


How do I find a dance partner?

Apart from calling to see if anyone else is looking for a dance partner, we share some other handy tips.



What dance style(s) should I choose?

It's usually best to start by learning a single style - but which one for me???




What is your favourite dance style?

Frequently asked straight after the question above! It can be so hard to choose... ;)