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 We are soon to have a new addition to our Cool Cats family! Our son is due in early June (2022), so we are now on break from lessons until we are ready to return with a new little learner ;)


Please go to the dance styles tab for lesson videos. 


course dates^


Currently on HOLD


^All lessons are taught strictly by the couple, so if you don't want to keep up with the course - you don't have to! However, lessons are structured with content suitable for beginner to intermediate dancers, so you can pick and practice on the content that suits you best. If you want more, just let us know and we'll have plenty beyond intermediate level for you too ;)


Social nights 


Currently on HOLD


$10 per couple - please bring a plate, share, and have fun with your fellow students! 



Free Swing Lessons (Currently on Hold - COVID)

Free Rockabilly Lessons (Currently on Hold - COVID)


Care to try another style? Contact us to discuss your options.



Interested in more than one lesson for the night? Ready to commit to your dance journey? Do more, get better value!

1 Lesson = $25 per couple/night          2 Lessons = $35 per couple/night          

3 week blocks > 1 Lesson = $60 per couple          2 Lessons = $90 per couple         


Group Lessons

Monday Nights @ The Woombye Lower  School of Arts Hall 

(1/3 Hill St, Woombye QLD)


6:00 - 7:00pm > Slow Swing (Beginners)

Music: Slow


Beginner level lessons in Slow Swing, providing the basics of the style that may be developed further through Blues and/or Lindy-Hop. As a a slower style, Swing is a perfect option for those who have never danced before.


This dance style feels both so elegant and expressive; or when you ramp it up into Lindy Hop - so explosive and sheer fun! 


This lesson may also be used by couples interested in other sower styles such as Jive or 4 Beat Blues, if prepared to learn during group lesson practice times.



7:00 - 8:00pm > Rockabilly (Beginners)

Music: Mid-Fast


Learn the Rebel's dance! Great music, great style, and great fun! 


Beginner level lessons in Rockabilly, providing the basics of the style that may be developed further in our Intermediate (7pm) class. As a faster style, Rockabilly is the perfect option for those who like pumping music and want to get moving!


Wondering how to pick a style? follow this link: Dance Styles


 Night/Time TBA > Kick Step Rock 'n' Roll (Intermediate)

Music: Slow-Mid


Lessons in Kick-Step ("6-Step") Rock 'n' Roll  and Kick-Ball-Change ("7-Step") Rock 'n' Roll. These lessons feature more demanding content and, whilst teaching from basics, it is recommended for dancers with previous experience in a related style. This lesson also allows Swing or Rockabilly students to progress from Basic to Intermediate content and any students interested to introduce Aerials (lifts, drops, and props) to their dancing.



The Rock 'n' Roll lessons are structured for group learning (6 week courses), with students developing other styles taught by the couple during group lesson practice times.  Hence, a booking for this lesson  (i.e. prior confirmation of interest) is essential as numbers will be restricted to ensure good teaching outcomes. 


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Sunday Dances

Currently on HOLD


Bring snacks, byo (alcohol) drinks, and your favorite shoes for a arvo packed with great music by DJ Daddy Cat (Nathan) or a live band on alternating months.


Bookings a essential and do sell fast so be quick!

Tickets are purchased through Eventbrite

Tickets purchased here!


Join us at the Palmwoods Bowls Club!

Check with the Venue

The 1st Thursday night of the month is dance night at the Palmwoods Bowls Club. It's just 5 minutes down the road and is a great chance to both practice and socialise!


Just ask us in class if you want more details ;)


performance training

Whether it's to help support our local festivals and retro-dance events, or if you want to compete locally or across the country, Cool Cats wants to help you Take the Next Step! 


Join us to develop your dance further and also improve your fitness. Training includes stretching & warm-up, plus core exercises for those interested in Aerials (lift-work). 


Note that such training is not a lesson per se - It is not necessarily about new content or skills, but improving upon what you have already learned.  However, as Nathan can't help himself, there is always some teaching and time for questions, critique, and guidance. :)


private lessons

For individuals, couples, or small groups (upon arrangement)

For bookings please call Sarah 0402592253


Standard Cost: 1hr $75 or $40 30mins


YOUTH lessons

Youth under 16 are free, provided they are accompanied by a parent or guardian (who does not need to participate if there is an other student happy to dance with the U16 participant), those under the age of 16 may join certain lessons FREE. Rules of conduct and style/progession restrictions apply, so please contact us for more details (principal@coolcatsrocknroll.com).


Youth/Student Groups: 

If you represent a youth/student organisation, particularly if you are involved with dance or theatre, please contact us about working together to provide introductory courses and/or workshops for your members. Alternatively, if you are a member of such a group, provide proof of your current membership for a FREE introductory course.

Free lessons


Check out our introductory lessons on video!



4Beat Blues





Commonly Asked Questions

I have never danced before is that ok?

Yes, its totally fine. Our classes are designed to teach you the basics as well as advanced. We love helping people learn! However, please consider the information given on recommended experience and speed of music when making your lesson choice(s).

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothes you can easily move in.

What if I don't have dance shoes?! It's ok - wear smooth sole shoes or socks. 

Do I need to Book?

Tickets can be purchased through eventbrite. 


Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for registration and warm up.

For further information  please txt Sarah on 0402592253. She works through the day so txt is prefered.

I have no Partner can I Participate?

The lessons are non-rotational and intended for partnered students. However, please ring first to check if we have other interested dancers looking for a lesson partner. People are often looking for a dance partner (especially leads!) so we try to help our students find dance buddies when possible. 


We do our best to include our unpartnered students and find avenues for them to keep dancing.

Drinks and Food

Water is provided but please bring snacks if you want a extra energy



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Phone Number

Sarah QLD: 0402592253